Bradley Inn Cover

Bradley Inn Cover

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Thanksgiving Feast at the Inn!

Once again it is time to start the discussions of Thanksgiving Day. Where to spend Thanksgiving?Who is bringing what? How many people can you cram into your dining room? Where is the good china? Is it too late to run away to Fiji?

Don't run away to Fiji. Forget about the good china! Never mind trying to squeeze everyone into your house, spending all week preparing dishes and rising at 4am to muscle Tom Turkey into the oven. Then find everyone gobbles down their meal in 15 minutes and you are left with achy feet and a pile of dishes. Not this year!

Let The Bradley Inn be your Thanksgiving destination. Remember what you are thankful for and relax instead of trying to figure out if everything is on the table and that the smoke you smell is the rolls you forgot about in the oven. (yes we've all done it.)

Our family style meal is priced at $50 per person and includes the following:

Amuse - Chef's choice
Appetizers 3-5 choices
Traditional Turkey and Accompaniments
Additional Entrees of Meat or Fish
Dessert - sampler

And no kitchen duty!

Seating is limited so please call to make your reservations - you will love Thanksgiving at The Bradley Inn!


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