Bradley Inn Cover

Bradley Inn Cover

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

October: Leaf Season and Pumpkin Fest

Last week we jumped to Thanksgiving, but we need to back up a bit and enjoy what Maine is offering right now.

Leaf season is underway! In New Harbor the leaves are beginning to change and peak season will be the first three weeks in October.

Come visit The Bradley Inn for a few days, cruise around taking in Autumn's display of vibrant colors. Make use of the Midcoasts' abundant hiking trails to hear the crunch of leaves beneath your feet and feel the clean fresh Maine air in your lungs.

Pumpkinfest in Damariscotta is from October 5th - 14th this year with non-stop pumpkin entertainment, a parade, giant pumpkin growing contest, Zombie Run, Pumpkin Catapult, Pumpkin Express Train Rides and more culminating with the Pumpkin Regatta Race with courageous folks who carve out giant pumpkins and race down them Damariscotta Tidal River. For real!!

Whatever your daytime adventures are, save room for an amazing meal.

Our dining room is open every evening except Tuesdays and for a more casual dining experience try our Tavern / Chart Room. Our dinner and pub menus are available anywhere you dine with us. Our wine is designed to meet any taste and our knowledgeable staff can assist in pairing your food and wine.

After dinner retire to your comfortable room and drift away with thoughts of a hot delicious breakfast waiting for you in the morning.

We think fall is the perfect time to unwind from the excitement of summer, relax and just enjoy the moment. We think you'll find The Bradley Inn the perfect place to do just that!

Make your reservations now...

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Thanksgiving Feast at the Inn!

Once again it is time to start the discussions of Thanksgiving Day. Where to spend Thanksgiving?Who is bringing what? How many people can you cram into your dining room? Where is the good china? Is it too late to run away to Fiji?

Don't run away to Fiji. Forget about the good china! Never mind trying to squeeze everyone into your house, spending all week preparing dishes and rising at 4am to muscle Tom Turkey into the oven. Then find everyone gobbles down their meal in 15 minutes and you are left with achy feet and a pile of dishes. Not this year!

Let The Bradley Inn be your Thanksgiving destination. Remember what you are thankful for and relax instead of trying to figure out if everything is on the table and that the smoke you smell is the rolls you forgot about in the oven. (yes we've all done it.)

Our family style meal is priced at $50 per person and includes the following:

Amuse - Chef's choice
Appetizers 3-5 choices
Traditional Turkey and Accompaniments
Additional Entrees of Meat or Fish
Dessert - sampler

And no kitchen duty!

Seating is limited so please call to make your reservations - you will love Thanksgiving at The Bradley Inn!