Bradley Inn Cover

Bradley Inn Cover

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Ice Hotel?

It's amazing how a foot or two of snow (ok seriously it's 5 feet) changes the landscape affording a completely new perspective. The ocean has bits and bergs of ice and is actually slushy by the beach. Crabs and clam shells are encased in ice-flash frozen at sea. Eiders and mergansers compete for space on crazy beautiful aquamarine ice shelves looking for what I'm not sure.

The landscape is beautiful in a completely different way than the warmer months. The contrast serves as a reminder not to take for granted the beauty that we are surrounded by in Pemaquid no matter the time of year.

A reminder too to be grateful for the efforts of environmental stewards such as the Damariscotta River association and the Pemaquid Watershed association. Both organizations that create access to unspoiled coastline, woods and watersheds-free to any and all-offering a bit of respite from crazy daily lives. (Thank you Bill for being a volunteer-especially for shoveling miles of Laverna preserve trail!!!)

Hope everyone is happy and healthy and has the opportunity to get out and enjoy Maine in the winter. See you in the Spring!