Bradley Inn Cover

Bradley Inn Cover

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Summer countdown....

It' now August 20th and according to the calendar Summer has another month but we know the wind changes at the end of this week bringing with it cooler temperatures. We've already spotted leaves changing. We're not sad about Autumn's arrival, in fact we love Autumn, leaves a blaze, fires burning, pumpkin everything and sweaters. We're sad because saying goodbye to summer means saying goodbye to some of our staff - the kids, young adults is probably a better term, but to us they are 'the kids.' Good kids, hard working kids, funny kids and kids who leave with skills and the knowledge of what hard work is and the value of a dollar.

The college and high school kids work at both The Contented Sole and The Bradley Inn, waiting, bar tending, back serving, washing dishes and cooking. They work weddings, rehearsal dinners and brunches. They arrive for breakfast early and those working dinner stay late. They take pride in what they do and positive feedback makes them swell with pride and try their hardest.

The learning curve is steep and sharp. Mistakes are made, but they learn from them and all in all the guests are treated like gold.

The 'new to the industry kids' learn how to run  dishwasher, take orders, how to serve food customers, how to clear tables and  how to how to engage in meaningful conversation to make the guest feel welcome. We watch them develop and bloom and then like the flowers of summer, they are gone. It was just May!

We wish you all the very best!! Study hard, be safe and we'll miss you Griffin, Katrina, Mara, Annie, Tara, Lauren, Luke, Jacob, Alex, Annabelle, Ashlee, Jesse, Miles, Kevin, Preston, Steven and Claudia.

With love,

The sad and proud adults.

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